May Fires & May Bush

Hill of Uisneach, County Westmeath

Hill of Uisneach, Co. Westmeath

By Deirdre Orme

About this custom

Festival of Fires at Uisneach has been taken place over the last 4-5 years. The main fire is lit at Uisneach and the other hill top fires are lit, ie. fires on Croughan hill, Knockeyon, etc.

Where does this take place?

Festival of the Fires, celebrating Bealtaine at Uisneach.

At home we cut a whitethorn bush and decorate with primroses, bluebells, ribbons and other flowers. In our hall we place bluebells around a statue of Our Lady, our May Altar.

Stories of a Black Cat emerging from Knockeyon hill to drink from the magical waters of Lough Derrevarragh. The Cat would only appear on May Day.



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