May flowers, May Altar and May Procession

Photo:Mary O'Boyle knitting on left with Rosa McHugh on right

Mary O'Boyle knitting on left with Rosa McHugh on right

By Mary O'Boyle

My memory

I remember on the eve of May Day collecting May flowers and putting them on the doorstep of the back and front of our house and also on our neighbours' doorsteps especially on the doorsteps of any elderly neighbours. We would also pick bunches of buttercups and put them in a vase. Also on the 30th April we gathered flowers and made a May alter with the statue of Our Lady and the bouquet of flowers. There was often Rosary beads on the statue as well. In the town for the May procession all the houses were decorated with alters outside. Pictures, statues and flowers were put on the doorstep or on window sills.

When did this happen?

50's - 60's

Where did this happen?


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