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Page link: Patrick Grehan Smyth
Patrick Grehan Smyth
Historical Novelist / Journalist
Page link: John Mulloy (1921 - 2015)
John Mulloy (1921 - 2015)
Business Man / Historian
Page link: Brother Anselm Conway
Brother Anselm Conway
Ballinrobe's Good Samaritan
Page link: Riocard Bairead (Richard Barrett)
Riocard Bairead (Richard Barrett)
Poet / United Irishman
Page link: William O'Dwyer
William O'Dwyer
Attorney / Mayor /Ambassador
Page link: Hon. Conor Maguire
Hon. Conor Maguire
Politician / Lawyer / Judge
Page link: John Mullowney (1690-1726)
John Mullowney (1690-1726)
aka "Seán na Sagart (John of the Priests)"
Page link: Gerry Bracken
Gerry Bracken
Page link: Seosamh Mac Gabhann (Joe Smyth) 1929-2008
Seosamh Mac Gabhann (Joe Smyth) 1929-2008
Community Leader/Music Teacher/Dramatist
Page link: Cormac Ó Comáin
Cormac Ó Comáin
Bard / Seanachaí
Page link: Rose Ellen Cleary
Rose Ellen Cleary
Mulrany and California
Page link: Peter Loftus
Peter Loftus
U.S. Army / Fire Department
Page link: Kathleen Corcoran
Kathleen Corcoran
Seamstress / Papal Award Recipient
Page link: Patrick Lavelle Knockbreaga
Patrick Lavelle Knockbreaga
Tiernaur Rebels
Page link: Sr. Mary Ruth Moran
Sr. Mary Ruth Moran
A Nun's Story
Page link: Elizabeth Farrell
Elizabeth Farrell
Community Leader
Page link: Christina Murphy
Christina Murphy
Journalist / Editor
Page link: Gerard Bracken, Newport (1920 - 2005)
Gerard Bracken, Newport (1920 - 2005)
Journalist, Editor, Community Man
Page link: Graham Greene
Graham Greene
Journalist / Novelist / Playwright
Page link: Tom Cadden
Tom Cadden
Political Activist and Poet
Page link: Michael Davitt (1846 - 1906)
Michael Davitt (1846 - 1906)
Land League Co-founder / Irish Republican
Page link: Pádraig Ó Móráin  O.S. agus M.A.
Pádraig Ó Móráin O.S. agus M.A.
Bailitheóir Béaloideasa
Page link: Patrick McManamon
Patrick McManamon
Building a bridge into Shrahorick 1938
Page link: Martin John O'Loughlin, 1903-1975
Martin John O'Loughlin, 1903-1975
Tenor, Hackney Driver
Page link: Sr John Gray
Sr John Gray
Physician, M.P, and Water Supply Facilitator
Page link: James Berry (1842-1914)
James Berry (1842-1914)
Writer/ Storyteller/ Farmer
Page link: Gena Heraty
Gena Heraty
Director Nos Petits Freres, Soeurs in Haiti
Page link: Hugh Bernard Garry
Hugh Bernard Garry
Franciscan Monk/Superior, Errew Monastery
Page link: Conor O'Kelly (b.1873 - d.1915)
Conor O'Kelly (b.1873 - d.1915)
Nationalist/ Member of Parliament, Westminster
Page link: Mary Browne
Mary Browne
Famine Orphan
Page link: Eric Cross
Eric Cross
Academic / Mathematician / Author
Page link: James O' Malley
James O' Malley
Portrait Artist
Page link: The Mc Greal Family
The Mc Greal Family
Carrabawn Memories
Page link: P.W. Leamy
P.W. Leamy
Journalist / Editor / Musician
Page link: Index/Directory of 101 Mayo People
Index/Directory of 101 Mayo People
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Page link: Poems
Page link: Jack Connolly, O.C. 2nd Batt.
Jack Connolly, O.C. 2nd Batt.
West Mayo Brigade
Page link: Tomas O' Flannaghaile: Thomas Flannery
Tomas O' Flannaghaile: Thomas Flannery
Academic / Author / Translator
Page link: James Hardiman
James Hardiman
Historian and Librarian
Page link: Grattan Freyer
Grattan Freyer
Academic / Potter
Page link: Bridget Quinn
Bridget Quinn
Nurse & Heroine
Page link: Pat McNicholas
Pat McNicholas
Bohola-Born Entrepreneur
Page link: James Francis Taylor
James Francis Taylor
Barrister Q.C. / Orator / Journalist
Page link: Heinrich Böll
Heinrich Böll
Novelist / Poet / Playwright
Page link: Dr. Michael Henry
Dr. Michael Henry
Swinford Workhouse
Page link: John O'Hart
John O'Hart
Author / Genealogist / Nationalist
Page link: Richard Burke of Turlough
Richard Burke of Turlough
Lord of Mac William Íochtair
Page link: Bridget Moore
Bridget Moore
Famine Emigrant from Clynish Island
Page link: Mick Cuffe
Mick Cuffe
Singer / Musician / Entertainer
Page link: Lady Rosemary Garvey
Lady Rosemary Garvey
Linguist/Ambassador's Wife
Page link: Michael F. Barrett
Michael F. Barrett
Dean of Mayo Men in New York
Page link: Lottie (Charlotte) Mc Manus
Lottie (Charlotte) Mc Manus
Novelist / Nationalist
Page link: Philip Edward Kelly
Philip Edward Kelly
Lieut. Col. Royal Irish Fusillers
Page link: Teatom and Plover Family
Teatom and Plover Family
Lives of Our Irish Ancestors: Cutting the Turf
Page link: Big Matthew Dominic Loughney
Big Matthew Dominic Loughney
Killala Bay Harbor Pilot during the Year of the French, 1798
Page link: Wallace Brothers
Wallace Brothers
Musicians / Composers
Page link: P.J. Kerrigan
P.J. Kerrigan
The First Guard
Page link: Richard Condon
Richard Condon
Theatrical Legend
Page link: Eileen Kato
Eileen Kato
Linguist / Translator
Page link: Eliza Wallace Bushelle
Eliza Wallace Bushelle
Opera Singer
Page link: Emily McManus
Emily McManus
Matron O.B.E. C.B.E.
Page link: Tom Kearns
Tom Kearns
School Days in Prizon
Page link: Carmel Kilcoyne
Carmel Kilcoyne
Memories of Rossgalive School's Final Years
Page link: Edward Whelan
Edward Whelan
Orator / Editor / Politician
Page link: George McNamara
George McNamara
Cong's Robin Hood
Page link: Bridget (Delia) Snee Brennan
Bridget (Delia) Snee Brennan
The Brennan Saga
Page link: Peggy McIntyre
Peggy McIntyre
The Ferry Woman
Page link: Etta Brennan
Etta Brennan
Page link: Mary O'Brien
Mary O'Brien
Local Historian
Page link: Patrick Shanley
Patrick Shanley
Linguist / Author / Historian
Page link: Ena Eaton
Ena Eaton
Soprano / Music Teacher / Church Organist
Page link: Nan Monaghan
Nan Monaghan
Page link: Sir Ernst Chain
Sir Ernst Chain
Nobel Prizewinner, Scientist
Page link: Pat McLoughlin
Pat McLoughlin
Saor Cloiche is Saor Amaid
Page link: P.D. Kenny
P.D. Kenny
Journalist / Literary Critic
Page link: Séamus Mac Evilly
Séamus Mac Evilly
Staff Captain: West Mayo Brigade IRA
Page link: Dr. Sheila Mulloy
Dr. Sheila Mulloy
Page link: Bill Naughton
Bill Naughton
Playwright and Dramatist
Page link: Mary Meagh
Mary Meagh
Fairy Lady & Healer
Page link: Honour Kilbane
Honour Kilbane
Life Story
Page link: Bridget O Grady
Bridget O Grady
Fever Hospital Nurse
Page link: Martin Sheridan
Martin Sheridan
Multiple Olympic Champion
Page link: St. Colman
St. Colman
Mayo na Sacsan
Page link: William Bald
William Bald
Cartographer Mayo & UK
Page link: Patrick W Nally
Patrick W Nally
Athlete & Fenian
Page link: Captain William Houstoun
Captain William Houstoun
Probably the Largest Farm in Ireland
Page link: Patrick McGing
Patrick McGing
His Time in England
Page link: Blessed Patrick O'Healy
Blessed Patrick O'Healy
Last Bishop Of Mayo
Page link: Olivia Knight Hope Connolly
Olivia Knight Hope Connolly
Poet and Writer
Page link: Achill's Trailblazing Aviator Nancy Corrigan
Achill's Trailblazing Aviator Nancy Corrigan
Nancy Corrigan - Spéirbhean Acla
Page link: Thomas Aloysius Tighe Ballinrobe and Heath
Thomas Aloysius Tighe Ballinrobe and Heath
Merchant, Brewer and Landowner
Page link: Michael Kneafsey
Michael Kneafsey
Three Generations working in Foxford Mill
Page link: Hubert Thomas Knox
Hubert Thomas Knox
Writer and Historian
Page link: Pat Dixon
Pat Dixon
Renowned United States Horseman
Page link: John King
John King
United States Navy
Page link: Henry Curry
Henry Curry
Fenian Organiser
Page link: Maggie Moran
Maggie Moran
Dressmaker and Landlady
Page link: Dr. Brigid Lyons Thornton
Dr. Brigid Lyons Thornton
Physician / Revolutionary
Page link: Sean Malone
Sean Malone
Clerk of the Seanad
Page link: Colonel Sir James Gildea
Colonel Sir James Gildea
Military Officer / Philanthropist / Humanitarian
Page link: Brother Joseph McNally
Brother Joseph McNally
De La Salle Brothers
Page link: Fr. Patrick Lavelle
Fr. Patrick Lavelle
Patriot Priest Of Partry
Page link: Dame Judy Coyne
Dame Judy Coyne
Knock Shrine Society
Page link: General Sir James Jackson
General Sir James Jackson
Military Officer / Lieutenant Governor
Page link: Delia Murphy
Delia Murphy
Legendary Ballad singer
Page link: Kathleen Florence Lynn 1874-1955
Kathleen Florence Lynn 1874-1955
Doctor & Political Activist
Page link: Pat Glavey
Pat Glavey
The Family Business (Aughamore and Glenmaddy)
Page link: John Lavelle
John Lavelle
Auctioneer and Businessman, Westport (1840-1907)
Page link: Earnan de Siunta, Ernest Joynt
Earnan de Siunta, Ernest Joynt
Civil Engineer / Author / Academic
Page link: Patrick Brown
Patrick Brown
Botanist / Physician
Page link: Edward Nangle
Edward Nangle
Page link: Harriet Rose Ferris
Harriet Rose Ferris
Teacher / Artist
Page link: Joseph P. Lydon
Joseph P. Lydon
Mayo's 2 Olympic Medal Winner
Page link: Jim Moran
Jim Moran
'Our Little Hero'
Page link: Michael O'Grady
Michael O'Grady
'A Life On The Road'
Page link: Judge Bole
Judge Bole
Lawyer & Judge
Page link: Matthew J. Beckett
Matthew J. Beckett
His Contribution to Community.
Page link: Ambrose Birmingham
Ambrose Birmingham
Professor of Anatomy / Linguist / Sketcher
Page link: Joseph Maher
Joseph Maher
Page link: Martin Carey
Martin Carey
Page link: Fr. Patrick Sheridan
Fr. Patrick Sheridan
PP Mayo Abbey
Page link: Richard King
Richard King
Stained Glass Artist
Page link: Oliver Dixon
Oliver Dixon
Horseman Extraordinary
Page link: James Daly
James Daly
Irish Land League
Page link: Tom Barrett
Tom Barrett
One Man's Travels a Century Ago