101 Mayo People

Many Mayo people have been recognised for their various achievements, and several of these famous people have biographies and articles recorded about their lives in Mayo and abroad. 

Mayo Genealogy Group would like to include the stories of some not so famous people, whom the members would like to acknowledge in this project. 

We would also like to invite contributions to our collection in order to celebrate and remember those who have passed; every life story deserves to be told; we will add new people on an ongoing basis.

If you have a story to tell please contact us at mayogenealogygroup@gmail.com

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Page link: Index/Directory of 101 Mayo People
Index/Directory of 101 Mayo People
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Page link: Achill's Trailblazing Aviator Nancy Corrigan
Achill's Trailblazing Aviator Nancy Corrigan
Nancy Corrigan - Spéirbhean Acla
Page link: Admiral William Brown
Admiral William Brown
Liberator of Argentina
Page link: Ambrose Birmingham
Ambrose Birmingham
Professor of Anatomy / Linguist / Sketcher
Page link: Big Matthew Dominic Loughney
Big Matthew Dominic Loughney
Killala Bay Harbor Pilot during the Year of the French, 1798
Page link: Bill Naughton
Bill Naughton
Playwright and Dramatist
Page link: Blessed Patrick O'Healy
Blessed Patrick O'Healy
Last Bishop Of Mayo
Page link: Bridget (Delia) Snee Brennan
Bridget (Delia) Snee Brennan
The Brennan Saga
Page link: Bridget Moore
Bridget Moore
Famine Emigrant from Clynish Island
Page link: Bridget O Grady
Bridget O Grady
Fever Hospital Nurse
Page link: Bridget Quinn
Bridget Quinn
Nurse & Heroine
Page link: Brother Anselm Conway
Brother Anselm Conway
Ballinrobe's Good Samaritan
Page link: Brother Joseph McNally
Brother Joseph McNally
De La Salle Brothers
Page link: Captain William Houstoun
Captain William Houstoun
Probably the Largest Farm in Ireland
Page link: Carmel Kilcoyne
Carmel Kilcoyne
Memories of Rossgalive School's Final Years
Page link: Christina Murphy
Christina Murphy
Journalist / Editor
Page link: Colonel Sir James Gildea
Colonel Sir James Gildea
Military Officer / Philanthropist / Humanitarian
Page link: Conor O'Kelly (b.1873 - d.1915)
Conor O'Kelly (b.1873 - d.1915)
Nationalist/ Member of Parliament, Westminster
Page link: Hon. Conor Maguire
Hon. Conor Maguire
Politician / Lawyer / Judge
Page link: Cormac Ó Comáin
Cormac Ó Comáin
Bard / Seanachaí
Page link: Dame Judy Coyne
Dame Judy Coyne
Knock Shrine Society
Page link: Delia Murphy
Delia Murphy
Legendary Ballad singer
Page link: Dr. Brigid Lyons Thornton
Dr. Brigid Lyons Thornton
Physician / Revolutionary
Page link: Dr. Michael Henry
Dr. Michael Henry
Swinford Workhouse
Page link: Dr. Sheila Mulloy
Dr. Sheila Mulloy
Page link: Earnan de Siunta, Ernest Joynt
Earnan de Siunta, Ernest Joynt
Civil Engineer / Author / Academic
Page link: Edward Nangle
Edward Nangle
Page link: Edward Whelan
Edward Whelan
Orator / Editor / Politician
Page link: Eliza Wallace Bushelle
Eliza Wallace Bushelle
Opera Singer
Page link: Elizabeth Farrell
Elizabeth Farrell
Community Leader
Page link: Emily McManus
Emily McManus
Matron O.B.E. C.B.E.
Page link: Ena Eaton
Ena Eaton
Soprano / Music Teacher / Church Organist
Page link: Eric Cross
Eric Cross
Academic / Mathematician / Author
Page link: Etta Brennan
Etta Brennan
Page link: Fr. Patrick Lavelle
Fr. Patrick Lavelle
Patriot Priest Of Partry
Page link: Fr. Patrick Sheridan
Fr. Patrick Sheridan
PP Mayo Abbey
Page link: Fr. Thomas P. Bartley, S.M.A
Fr. Thomas P. Bartley, S.M.A
From Mayo to Nigeria: pastor, builder and teacher
Page link: General Sir James Jackson
General Sir James Jackson
Military Officer / Lieutenant Governor
Page link: George McNamara
George McNamara
Cong's Robin Hood
Page link: Gena Heraty
Gena Heraty
Director Nos Petits Freres, Soeurs in Haiti
Page link: Gerard Bracken, Newport (1920 - 2005)
Gerard Bracken, Newport (1920 - 2005)
Journalist, Editor, Community Man
Page link: Gerry Bracken
Gerry Bracken
Page link: Graham Greene
Graham Greene
Journalist / Novelist / Playwright
Page link: Grattan Freyer
Grattan Freyer
Academic / Potter
Page link: Harriet Rose Ferris
Harriet Rose Ferris
Teacher / Artist
Page link: Heinrich Böll
Heinrich Böll
Novelist / Poet / Playwright
Page link: Henry Curry
Henry Curry
Fenian Organiser
Page link: Honour Kilbane
Honour Kilbane
Life Story
Page link: Hubert Thomas Knox
Hubert Thomas Knox
Writer and Historian
Page link: Hugh Bernard Garry
Hugh Bernard Garry
Franciscan Monk/Superior, Errew Monastery
Page link: Jack Connolly, O.C. 2nd Batt.
Jack Connolly, O.C. 2nd Batt.
West Mayo Brigade
Page link: James Berry (1842-1914)
James Berry (1842-1914)
Writer/ Storyteller/ Farmer
Page link: James Daly
James Daly
Irish Land League
Page link: James Francis Taylor
James Francis Taylor
Barrister Q.C. / Orator / Journalist
Page link: James Hardiman
James Hardiman
Historian and Librarian
Page link: James O' Malley
James O' Malley
Portrait Artist
Page link: Jim Moran
Jim Moran
'Our Little Hero'
Page link: Sr John Gray
Sr John Gray
Physician, M.P, and Water Supply Facilitator
Page link: John King
John King
United States Navy
Page link: John Lavelle
John Lavelle
Auctioneer and Businessman, Westport (1840-1907)
Page link: John Mullowney (1690-1726)
John Mullowney (1690-1726)
aka "Seán na Sagart (John of the Priests)"
Page link: John Mulloy (1921 - 2015)
John Mulloy (1921 - 2015)
Business Man / Historian
Page link: John O'Hart
John O'Hart
Author / Genealogist / Nationalist
Page link: Joseph Maher
Joseph Maher
Page link: Judge Bole
Judge Bole
Lawyer & Judge
Page link: Kathleen Corcoran
Kathleen Corcoran
Seamstress / Papal Award Recipient
Page link: Kathleen Florence Lynn 1874-1955
Kathleen Florence Lynn 1874-1955
Doctor & Political Activist
Page link: Eileen Kato
Eileen Kato
Linguist / Translator
Page link: Lady Rosemary Garvey
Lady Rosemary Garvey
Linguist/Ambassador's Wife
Page link: Lottie (Charlotte) Mc Manus
Lottie (Charlotte) Mc Manus
Novelist / Nationalist
Page link: Maggie Moran
Maggie Moran
Dressmaker and Landlady
Page link: Martin Carey
Martin Carey
Page link: Martin John O'Loughlin, 1903-1975
Martin John O'Loughlin, 1903-1975
Tenor, Hackney Driver
Page link: Martin Sheridan
Martin Sheridan
Multiple Olympic Champion
Page link: Mary Browne
Mary Browne
Famine Orphan
Page link: Mary Meagh
Mary Meagh
Fairy Lady & Healer
Page link: Mary O'Brien
Mary O'Brien
Local Historian
Page link: Matthew J. Beckett
Matthew J. Beckett
His Contribution to Community.
Page link: Michael Davitt (1846 - 1906)
Michael Davitt (1846 - 1906)
Land League Co-founder / Irish Republican
Page link: Michael Feeney M.B.E.
Michael Feeney M.B.E.
A Mayo Man Through & True
Page link: Michael F. Barrett
Michael F. Barrett
Dean of Mayo Men in New York
Page link: Michael Kneafsey
Michael Kneafsey
Three Generations working in Foxford Mill
Page link: Michael O'Doherty
Michael O'Doherty
The Last Foreign Prelate of The Philippine Islands
Page link: Michael O'Grady
Michael O'Grady
'A Life On The Road'
Page link: Mick Cuffe
Mick Cuffe
Singer / Musician / Entertainer
Page link: Nan Monaghan
Nan Monaghan
Page link: Oliver Dixon
Oliver Dixon
Horseman Extraordinary
Page link: Olivia Knight Hope Connolly
Olivia Knight Hope Connolly
Poet and Writer
Page link: Joseph P. Lydon
Joseph P. Lydon
Mayo's 2 Olympic Medal Winner
Page link: Pádraig Ó Móráin  O.S. agus M.A.
Pádraig Ó Móráin O.S. agus M.A.
Bailitheóir Béaloideasa
Page link: Patrick Grehan Smyth
Patrick Grehan Smyth
Historical Novelist / Journalist
Page link: Patrick Lavelle Knockbreaga
Patrick Lavelle Knockbreaga
Tiernaur Rebels
Page link: Patrick McManamon
Patrick McManamon
Building a bridge into Shrahorick 1938
Page link: P.D. Kenny
P.D. Kenny
Journalist / Literary Critic
Page link: P.J. Kerrigan
P.J. Kerrigan
The First Guard
Page link: P.W. Leamy
P.W. Leamy
Journalist / Editor / Musician
Page link: Pat Dixon
Pat Dixon
Renowned United States Horseman
Page link: Pat Glavey
Pat Glavey
The Family Business (Aughamore and Glenmaddy)
Page link: Pat McLoughlin
Pat McLoughlin
Saor Cloiche is Saor Amaid
Page link: Pat McNicholas
Pat McNicholas
Bohola-Born Entrepreneur
Page link: Patrick Brown
Patrick Brown
Botanist / Physician
Page link: Patrick Burke
Patrick Burke
Page link: Patrick Horkan
Patrick Horkan
WW1 Remembered
Page link: Patrick McGing
Patrick McGing
His Time in England
Page link: Patrick Shanley
Patrick Shanley
Linguist / Author / Historian
Page link: Patrick W Nally
Patrick W Nally
Athlete & Fenian
Page link: Peggy McIntyre
Peggy McIntyre
The Ferry Woman
Page link: Peter Loftus
Peter Loftus
U.S. Army / Fire Department
Page link: Philip Edward Kelly
Philip Edward Kelly
Lieut. Col. Royal Irish Fusillers
Page link: Richard Burke of Turlough
Richard Burke of Turlough
Lord of Mac William Íochtair
Page link: Richard Condon
Richard Condon
Theatrical Legend
Page link: Richard King
Richard King
Stained Glass Artist
Page link: Riocard Bairead (Richard Barrett)
Riocard Bairead (Richard Barrett)
Poet / United Irishman
Page link: Rose Ellen Cleary
Rose Ellen Cleary
Mulrany and California
Page link: Séamus Mac Evilly
Séamus Mac Evilly
Staff Captain: West Mayo Brigade IRA
Page link: Sean Malone
Sean Malone
Clerk of the Seanad
Page link: Seosamh Mac Gabhann (Joe Smyth) 1929-2008
Seosamh Mac Gabhann (Joe Smyth) 1929-2008
Community Leader/Music Teacher/Dramatist
Page link: Sir Ernst Chain
Sir Ernst Chain
Nobel Prizewinner, Scientist
Page link: Sr. Mary Ruth Moran
Sr. Mary Ruth Moran
A Nun's Story
Page link: St. Colman
St. Colman
Mayo na Sacsan
Page link: Teatom and Plover Family
Teatom and Plover Family
Lives of Our Irish Ancestors: Cutting the Turf
Page link: The Mc Greal Family
The Mc Greal Family
Carrabawn Memories
Page link: Thomas Aloysius Tighe Ballinrobe and Heath
Thomas Aloysius Tighe Ballinrobe and Heath
Merchant, Brewer and Landowner
Page link: Thomas Moran
Thomas Moran
Number 9
Page link: Tom Barrett
Tom Barrett
One Man's Travels a Century Ago
Page link: Tom Cadden
Tom Cadden
Political Activist and Poet
Page link: Tom Kearns
Tom Kearns
School Days in Prizon
Page link: Tomas O' Flannaghaile: Thomas Flannery
Tomas O' Flannaghaile: Thomas Flannery
Academic / Author / Translator
Page link: Wallace Brothers
Wallace Brothers
Musicians / Composers
Page link: William Bald
William Bald
Cartographer Mayo & UK
Page link: William O'Dwyer
William O'Dwyer
Attorney / Mayor /Ambassador