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"On Wings"
Art Exhibition by The Rural Training Centre, HSE
Page link: Digging for Gold in Laois.
Digging for Gold in Laois.
When the local lads dug in the Lough Field they found an unexpected treasure.
Page link: Give your Voice Wings
Give your Voice Wings
Visit the flock of origami birds in the museum café, National Museum of Ireland - Country Life
Page link: Oral History Network of Ireland
Oral History Network of Ireland
Summer Bulletin 2017 - Upcoming Events
Page link: The Mysterious Legends
The Mysterious Legends
Of Ireland's Rivers
Page link: The Sídhe - belief & customs in Co. Laois
The Sídhe - belief & customs in Co. Laois
Otherworld shenanigans on the local Fairy Path.
Page link: Cillini
a poetic account of the unbaptised stillborn babies in unmarked graves scattered all around Ireland
By Joy Elliott
Page link: Swift Conservation Project
Swift Conservation Project
GMIT Mayo Campus
Page link: Abbeys have abbots:
Abbeys have abbots:
names and naming of medieval religious houses
Page link: Our Dry Stone Heritage
Our Dry Stone Heritage
Preserving and promoting our dry stone heritage.
Page link: Bird Trap
Bird Trap
Eating on the wing...
Page link: Slater's Knife
Slater's Knife
A slater's knife or axe, also known as a Zax
Page link: Tally Stick
Tally Stick
Counting the days.....
Page link: The Thatched Toyota
The Thatched Toyota
This aul' cottage was flying it!
Page link: Before I Forget...
Before I Forget...
Going To School
Page link: Heritage Trees of Ireland
Heritage Trees of Ireland
Recording & mapping important Irish trees
Page link: Irish Hedgerows
Irish Hedgerows
Shouldn't we conserve our amazing lush hedgerows?
Page link: Land & Language Reform In The Irish Free State
Land & Language Reform In The Irish Free State
The creation of a Gaeltacht community in County Meath
Page link: Nollaig na mBan
Nollaig na mBan
Another Great Irish Winter Festival
Page link: Notes on Brickmaking
Notes on Brickmaking
Co. Roscommon and elsewhere
Page link: Rural Childhood in the 1950s
Rural Childhood in the 1950s
A Trip Down Memory Lane
Page link: Rural Electrification
Rural Electrification
A changed Ireland
Page link: Settlement
A photographic archive of Irish landscape heritage
Page link: Some Thoughts on Wrought
Some Thoughts on Wrought
Iron Gates of Coolaney and Collooney, Co. Sligo
Page link: The Cross of Cong
The Cross of Cong
A Medieval Treasure
Page link: The Wren Boys
The Wren Boys
A St.Stephen's Day tradition
Page link: Turloughs, Floods and Wells
Turloughs, Floods and Wells
Health Issues and Challenges for our times
Category link: 'The History of Ireland in 100 Objects'
'The History of Ireland in 100 Objects'
Schools Poetry Competition 2014
Category link: Samhain 2014: shadows, sounds & stories.
Samhain 2014: shadows, sounds & stories.
A project led by the National Museum in partnership with Age & Opportunity and Poetry Ireland.
Category link: St. Joseph's Secondary School
St. Joseph's Secondary School
TY History Box Project
Category link: 'Beyond the surface'
'Beyond the surface'
A project by Year 1 Art & Design students in response to the collection at The National Museum of Ireland
Category link: Your Christmas Story...
Your Christmas Story...
Public Display of Christmas Memorabilia
Category link: Your Stories - Our Histories
Your Stories - Our Histories
A Memory Book Project
Category link: Schools' Folklore Project
Schools' Folklore Project
'Bringing History to Life...'
Category link: Our Pick of Topics
Our Pick of Topics
Our favourite pages from across the Network
Category link: Celebrating May
Celebrating May
How do you celebrate the coming of summer?