Our Local History: People and Place

We are students at Larkin Community College on Champions Avenue, Dublin 1. This project was inspired by the many names of members of our local community that have been engraved on plaques in the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church on Sean MacDermott Street, Dublin 1.

The Church has been an important centre in our local area since it was established in 1970 . Many families have considered it a safe permanent place in which to retain the names of those close to them who have passed away. These names are engraved on plaques which are placed throughout the Church. These names reflect both the individual and family histories that have been so important in our close knit community. A community that has changed and grown in recent years.

We decided that we wanted to find a place to preserve this local history digitally. We felt that this archiving of family names would be a useful resource for local historians in the future  and would also create greater access.







This project has been generously funded by the Salesians in Our Lady of Lourdes Church and NAPD's Creative Engagement. The project was supported by The City of Dublin Education Training Board, Staff of Larkin Community College and the Chislers of the Lourdes Day Care Centre in Sean MacDermott Street. 

Special thanks to the National Museum of Ireland's portal website Our Irish Heritage for hosting this initiative. 

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Sacred Space in the City
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Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church
Researching the Plaques
Page link: Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church
Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church
Researching the Parish